Horror of Horrors thumbnail image

Horror of Horrors

I work in this alien spaceship! (@ UFO)

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It was the day I saw it land... (opposite Funan)

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Got kicked in the head by a matrep because I asked him in a polite way to 'fuck his mother'. Clarke quay stories... (@ Central Mall)

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Fish Food thumbnail image

Fish Food

I smoked 2 sticks of Ciggarets outside Central Mall, and fed the butts to the fishes. With my.... possible future wife. There would be shopping malls under the water.

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One Night Hug thumbnail image

One Night Hug

I will never forget that spot, overlooking the glittering watter of the bay, where you hugged me and held my hand for the first and last time this lifetime. I wish you well, although we may never speak again. (@ ...

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What it was before thumbnail image

What it was before

This is the row of shophouses where my great grandmother used to live. Even though its been completely re-done, she still could point out the exact place she used to live in, before it became a tourist trap. (@ Clarke ...

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Found 14th C Potshards in Pulau Saigon Construction Site thumbnail image

Found 14th C Potshards in Pulau Saigon Construction Site

Helped John Miksic recover shards from SLA tunnel construction at Pulau Saigon. Found mostly 19th century stuff - old gin bottles etc, but then found 14th stoneware. (Near what is now Merchant Court)

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“$30 Dollars” thumbnail image

“$30 Dollars”

Clark Quay = Alcohol. After a few drinks, some friends dared me to jump into the river. I did it for 30$. (Asking price was 50). The river bottom has glass pieces. My feet were cut up. (@ Clarke Quay)

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Travelling on the Water Again thumbnail image

Travelling on the Water Again

It would be amazing to take a boat/sampan (man-rowed) down the singapore River, travelling downstream in the early morning and up in the evening. I can imagine pretty umbrellas and portable fans on the boats, people going back to basics! ...

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Free Space for the Punks! thumbnail image

Free Space for the Punks!

In 2007, a punk show was held in an abandoned building in Robertson Quay. 200 punks showed up. It was an awesome site. The authorities don't know about it. :) (@ Roberston Quay Old Factory, Demolished)

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Waiting to Watch thumbnail image

Waiting to Watch

It was a muggy evening - no breeze, no cool. Only sweat. As I waited to see "The Island" I sat and watched the water flow... slow. (Near the Gallery Allson Hotel)

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Chocolate Brown thumbnail image

Chocolate Brown

I saw the Singapore River turned a light chocolate brown from its previous bluish-green waters (due to the recent floods)

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Toilet Fun thumbnail image

Toilet Fun

A lady & I had a few drinks & she dragged me to the toilet & raped me. I was okay with it. Still am. (@ Homeclub Toilet, Riverwalk)

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Death & Misery thumbnail image

Death & Misery

The river which the boys used to sit around and get drunk... basically havin a laugh. My friend "Boy AS" died there early this year. RIP. The river eats people. By Drowning.. (Opposite Central Mall)

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Death thumbnail image


I almost died here. True Story. (@ BK Eating House)

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Colourful Windows thumbnail image

Colourful Windows

My cousin took me here to take a photo of this building with colourful windows. Didn't wind the film properly, nothing came out! :(

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Death of friend’s friend thumbnail image

Death of friend’s friend

It was a story told by friends. The incident a day before, their friend died. He woke up at 7am & he stretched, he fell into the river. (@ Near the bridge, at the end of the river opp Central).

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Raiders of the Lost Parliament House thumbnail image

Raiders of the Lost Parliament House

The new Parliament had just finished construction. I snuck inside. Everything was still covered in dusty plastic. It was like ancient ruins, falling up. (@ Parliament House)

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Psychic Spies thumbnail image

Psychic Spies

High on laughter and secondhand smoke, I took off my shoes and jumped into the river on a whim (and got pulled out by the police!) (@ Esplanade Bay)

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Infinite Dump thumbnail image

Infinite Dump

I took a dump in there. (@ Infinity Pool)

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A Cantonese Boy thumbnail image

A Cantonese Boy

As Cantonese saying goes, I "dropped a lot of leg hairs here" as a testament of my frequency of this location. (@ Clifford Pier or "Red Light" Pier)

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Opium Den thumbnail image

Opium Den

Met a Vietnamese guy at the hawker centre in front of Empress Place. He took us to an opium den on Boat Quay but we didn't stay. (@ Boat Quay - can't remember which number)

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Nostalgic thumbnail image


Teenagers sitting around the steps of SG river with cheap beer before entering the clubs! (@ Clarke Quay, UOB Building)

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LKY’s Ark thumbnail image

LKY’s Ark

Forward-looking city builds an ark in anticipation of the rising sea-level. (@ Marina Bay Ark)

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On the bonette thumbnail image

On the bonette

Had good time on my car watching the skyline. Big land, nobody around. 2010. Buildings rise from open land. No more adventure. (@ IR)

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The Floating Tree thumbnail image

The Floating Tree

One day, I saw a tree floating in the middle of the river, surrounded completely by water.

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The Real Bay + its Rival thumbnail image

The Real Bay + its Rival

A strange exchange at the Marina Bay City Gallery, where I saw the model bay in front of the real thing... "How do you work the bay?" "Push the button." "This one?" "Never mind." (@ Marina Bay City Gallery)

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1st Airport of Singapore thumbnail image

1st Airport of Singapore

Seat where grandpa waited for grandma. (@ Collyer Quay - the very first airport of SIngapore)

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Saw a school of 15-20 fishes swimming in the clean(-ish) river water. Wildlife! (@ Outside UOB Plaza 1)

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Hopes and Dreams thumbnail image

Hopes and Dreams

My then boyfriend and I made a pact to stay together. We wrote our wish on a paperboat and released it. As expected, after a while, the boat sank, just like the relationship. (@ those few steps)

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Dry on the Quay thumbnail image

Dry on the Quay

This is where my friends and I hung out after the most important exam in our lives. We had no alcohol because we were still in school uniform. Pity. (@ Boat Quay puddle)

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Pink when swimming thumbnail image

Pink when swimming

After the first MTV Asia Awards, Pink (the singer) being too drunk, went for a dip in the river to cool off. (@ Boat Quay)

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Wouldn’t Come thumbnail image

Wouldn’t Come

Asked her from Lisbon to meet but she wouldn't. So had beer and sms her. Oh well. One year later we're married. (@ Clarke Quay)

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Unofficial Pub: 7-11 thumbnail image

Unofficial Pub: 7-11

So apparently the 7-11 at the end of the bridge is where eveyrone goes to get sloshed before plunging into the Clarke Quay. They sit on the parapet of the bridge and litter it with beer cans. When I tried ...

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Steps at the Side of Copthorne Hotel thumbnail image

Steps at the Side of Copthorne Hotel

My boyfriend and I sat at this very place and envisioned opening a boating company and being opposite in one of the nice condos. I believed I said it might not be a great idea cause the river is known ...

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Bridge of Doom!! thumbnail image

Bridge of Doom!!

A landmark/meeting spot in the area for punk friends... (@ Bridge in front of Daimaru)

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World Stage for Friendship thumbnail image

World Stage for Friendship

It is where the opening and closing ceremony of the first ever Youth Olympic Games took place, and I was fortunate to witness it with 30,000 other people. (@ the Float)

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I proposed thumbnail image

I proposed

I went down on one knee and asked her to be my wife. She said Yes! (@ Flyer - right at the top)

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The Cavenagh Bridge as a Lover’s Spot thumbnail image

The Cavenagh Bridge as a Lover’s Spot

Many times i walk along this bridge and get annoyed at all the lovey-dovey and horny couples making out on this beautiful bridge. (@ the Cavenagh Bridge)

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Painting at the River thumbnail image

Painting at the River

My teacher brought our class to the S'pore River to paint the shop houses (Near the bridge)

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Duck Noodles thumbnail image

Duck Noodles

My husband and I love the braised duck noodles at Seng Poh Road.

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Monster Creeper thumbnail image

Monster Creeper

This is where i was dwarfed by the Benjamin Sheares Bridge and was in awe of the MONSTER CREEPER TAKING OVER THE WORLD!!! One creep at a time. I love standing beneath this bridge, it is scary + strange but ...

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LKY Sighting thumbnail image

LKY Sighting

Saw THE LKY sitting on concrete seat looking contemplatively across the water at Parliament House meditating on his life's work (Outside UOB Plaza 1)

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A Memory of Grandfather thumbnail image

A Memory of Grandfather

Grandfather used to take here to look at the bum boats where he used to work on. The jostling motion of the boats made the quay seem alive...

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